2013: Channel 5’s ‘Chronicle’ discovers why Dave bought Graves Light

Image courtesy of WCVB-TV.

Relaxed in his converted firehouse home, Dave tells Chronicle why he bought Graves Light and what he plans to do with it.  Image courtesy of WCVB-TV.

Why would somebody buy an isolated lighthouse on a bleak stone ledge?

WCVB-TV’s award-winning program Chronicle explored the question on October 21, 2013.

Many people see a lonely, deteriorated stone tower on a forbidding, isolated rock.

But owner Dave Waller sees a fantastic family adventure full of excitement and beauty – a future vacation home just minutes from Boston.

See the video here, with a nice tour of the lighthouse.

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  1. Graves Lighthouse is all I expected – and more!
    What a fantastic and historic place to vacation (when it is finished, that is) and what a magnificent view of the Boston skyline.

  2. Link to Chronicle Video is down. (Page not found)

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