Sweet Sue (1980)

Sunk while being towed by a Coast Guard vessel on a blustery winter day in 1980, Sweet Sue  was a 47 foot fishing dragger.

Credit: CptDave.com

Credit: CptDave.com

A Coast Guard helicopter rescued the crew.

Depending on the source, Sweet Sue  sank in water 70 to 88 feet deep.

Sweet Sue  was built in 1957 in East Boston, and originally named the Michael & Grace.

Her wreck coordinates are 4222.390 x 7052.120, east of Graves Light.

According to CptDave.com, “the wreck can be easily seen on a fish sonar.”

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  1. My name is John Dunham.I worked on the sweet sue when it was a sword boat around 1972.I was around 14 or so.While out at sea the brand new Murphy deisel caught fire.Waited all night until Coast Guard arrived around 10 am next morning.What an experience.Still have photos of vessel underway and myself preparing bait.

  2. My name is Steve Lefavour. My father John was the captain of the Sweet Sue when John Dunham worked on the boat in 1972. I was on the same trip with John, I think I was 10 years old at the time and it was as John said quite a hair raising experience.

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