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  1. Hi David and Lynn,
    What an amazing lighthouse you purchased, and what an extraordinary restoration effort you have going on. I’ve always dreamed of owning a lighthouse so finding and reading your story and the story of your lighthouse has been interesting and encouraging. An opportunity has come up to purchase a small lighthouse in my town that I am considering, but financially I am unsure where the bids will go and what the restoration efforts would cost. The purchase price I can swing no problem I’m assuming, but the restoration is where I will probably not be able to handle. Would you say that yours has cost you a lot more than you originally planned to spend on restoration, or is it in line with what you had guessed?

    Not sure I’m in a position to purchase one, but I’m sure I will never get the opportunity ever again so that is where my mind and heart is going. I too have a desire to preserve the past, and I love the water and boating and a lighthouse has always been something I dreamed about.

    Here is the lighthouse I’m considering:
    It isn’t overly fancy, and it has some downsides to it the way you need to access it and such, but it is a cool opportunity.

    Any feedback you could share would be awesome.

  2. P. C. Cheryl Pote Chisholm - Secretary MBYCA

    P.C. Cheryl Chisholm from the Massachusetts Boating and Yacht Clubs Association, Inc. requesting Dave Waller or a member of his team to come to one of our monthly general meetings to talk about the progress of Graves Light. We are an umbrella organization over 74 yacht clubs on the Massachusetts coast from the Cape to Gloucester. This is our 95th year in existence. There are usually 50-60 in attendance from about 35 yacht clubs. Would really love to have you and it would be such a receptive audience.

  3. Hi Dave and Lynn,it was a pleasure to meet you and your family on Saturday for I am forever grateful I would truly like to repay your kindness by offering my labor free of charge for however long that you would allow me the pleasure of being in,on or any near where your buetiful lighthouse sincerely Art Graves

  4. dear dave and lynn the portland book is done and on create-space who does the book designs. it should be out in mid december online only in paperback and kindle.should be in the bookstores in january. it’s called and the sea shall have them all. lost 37 lbs since april.

  5. Wonderful story in the Globe the other day regarding Graves Light. As a retired Coast Guard Construction Inspector for 30+ years, I had several jobs over the decades out at Graves Light as well as Minots Light. Always a great adventure accessing & working at either site. At Graves, I remember jobs replacing the pier at least once, dredging the approach channel twice, replacing the unique curved glazing in the lantern room, various metal repairs & removal of the walkway solid steel piles over to the oil house.
    I also have the Malden connection being raised there & lived there till the late 1990’s. Graves & Minots bring back lots of memories & lots of stories.
    Wish you the very best of luck as you restore this iconic Boston Harbor landmark.
    Joe Tully

  6. Good morning, Joe – great to hear from you and much appreciate the hard work maintaining Graves over the years. You know better than anyone how beautiful a place it is in fine weather and unforgiving it can be when the seas get rough. We attempted a maintenance run out on New Years Day and made it all the way to the cove, but the westerly winds threw breakers at the ledge and made landing look like a suicide mission. But yesterday – all was flat calm and you could have made it out in a canoe! – Dave

  7. So exciting to watch come back to life. Congratulations on your light Dave and the photos. I can’t wait to see it go up

  8. Hi Dave! Sounds like you’ve continued your hard work. We took sailing lessons at Piers Park so we are one step closer to making it back to the lighthouse. Hoping to reconnect with you soon. Warmest regards, Janet Sauer and the family

  9. Hi Dave…I was out at The Light painting in Sept 2014. Today I sit here in the Seaport at our family’s home looking at The Light on a clear April day. Hope all is well. If you have another project planned in the next 5/6 months…let me know. i split my time between Boston and San Francisco…but would be happy to help and spend another fine day out at The Graves. I am sure the interior of The Light looks a LOT different then the day we were slathering that base paint all over the interior metalwork. 🙂 Have you any plans to list it on airbnb? Wishing you all the best.

  10. Hi, I am an architectural photographer and would love to come out and take some photos for you – such an amazing project!

  11. I was in the coast guard 1962 to 1966 served on graves light house 1965and 1966 station was station out of hull i turn 80 last year still think of time i spent on graves light house

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