For educational purposes, we’re providing links and downloaded documents of a historic nature about lighthouses. Hats off to for making many of these available. There are no copyright restrictions.

Archive_artUS Lighthouse Service, Lifesaving Service and Coast Guard manuals

The Light Keepers: A Story of the United States Light-House Service, by James Otis, E. P. Dutton, 1906. Download: The_Light_Keepers

Medical Handbook for the Use of the Revenue-Cutter Service, U.S. Bureau of Light-Houses, Government Printing Office, 1912. Download: Medical_Handbook_for_the_Use_of_the_Revenue-Cutter_Service

Prevention of Disease and Care of the Sick and Injured: Medical Handbook for the Use of Lighthouse Vessels and Stations, U.S. Bureau of Light-Houses, Government Printing Office, 1915. Download:Prevention_of_Disease_and_Care_of_the_Sick_and_Injured

Modern Light-House Service, by Arnold Burges Johnson, Chief Clerk, United States Light-House Board. Washington: Government Printing Office, 1889. Download: The_Modern_Light-House_Service


Lighthouse Construction and Illumination, by Thomas Stevenson, 1881. Download: Lighthouse_Construction_and_Illumination

Lighthouses and Lightships: A Descriptive Account of their Mode of Construction, by W. A Davenport Adams, 1871. Lighthouses_and_Lightships_of_the_United_States Lighthouses_and_Lightships_Construction

Lighthouses and Lightships of the United States, by George Rockwell Putnam, 1917. Download: Lighthouses_and_Lightships_of_the_United_States

The Story of Our Lighthouses and Lightships: Descriptive and Historical, by W. A. Davenport Adams, 1891. Download: The_Story_of_Our_Lighthouses_and_Lightships

Lighthouses: Their History, by W. J. Hardy, 1895. Download: Lighthouses

Boston Harbor

Illustrated history of Boston Harbor, by James Henry Stark. Download: Illustrated_History_of_Boston_Harbor

The Story of Boston Light, With Some Account of the Beacons in Boston Harbor, by Fitz-Henry Smith Jr. Boston: 1911. Download: The_Story_of_Boston_Light

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  1. I an old photograph when Graves light was called Boston light.wondering if you’d be interested in can email me back at the above email .thank you
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