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A close-up of how we built the brass frame.

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  1. I am seeking information about the Fresnel lens that was once in the Graves lighthouse. I understand this was removed in 1975. Any idea where it went? Do you know who made it. The Lighthouse Society’s lens listing shows a Flashing lens made by Barbier, Benard, and Turenne at Graves – but I don’t know when this was the case.

    If I understand it correctly, you are basically building a Fresnel lens now from pieces scavenged from other sources?

    Thanks. Hope to hear from someone.

    • Your information about the original First Order Fresnel Lens at Graves Light is correct. The lens is now in storage at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC. Being in storage, the lens is not on public display.

      Yes, indeed, we are building a First Order Fresnel Lens from pieces salvaged (or scavenged!) from other sources, mainly from lighthouses in Australia (including Tasmania). With certain exceptions, it is illegal to own First Order Fresnel Lenses from American lighthouses.

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