Finishing the ‘basement’ floor

Lynn finishes the careful work to set the true-to-the-original hexagonal tiles on the first deck.

Barry pours the new slab to replace the old.

July has been a busy month on Station.
Inside Graves Light, on the first floor about 40 feet up, which we call the “basement,” Barry from CCI pours a new slab floor and Lynn lays down the same period-correct hexagonal tiles to finish the job.
All done!
Mike and other lads from CCI have staged the oil house, removed the rotted roof, and are fortifying the place to last another 100 years.
Meanwhile, the new solar panels on our hopefully storm-proof new shed are generating plenty of power to run all systems.
No need for the fuel-burning electric generators any more.
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  1. Suzanne Gall Marsh

    What an incredible labor of love. The spirits of the Graves Lightkeepers gone by must be amazed.

    Thank you to all the Graves Light “team members” helping the tube lighthouse sparkle!

  2. You’re doing a fantastic job on the lighthouse. Thank you for flying the lighthouse service flag. I recently made a new service flag for the lighthouse at Boca Grande, Florida. It’s 90” Long.

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