The Oil House starts to become a Guest Cottage

This summer we begin to seriously tackle the old Oil House. That’s the 10 x 10-foot-square granite house on the ledge next to Graves Light. We started building the new timber frame roof in the spring at a workshop in Maine.

We’re converting the Oil House into a guest cottage. The old postcard to the right shows how the Oil House used to look, connected by a steel landing across a small channel to Graves.

Inside, Gary, Logan and Mike drill six feet down into the ledge, pinning the original granite blocks in place to fortify them for the next hundred years.

Outside, Nelson Metal Fab completes the landing and handrails in the same style as the original landing that was washed away in the “No Name” storm of 1991.

The rotten remains of the old roof are gone. They are seen bundled up to the right of the Oil House. You’ll see something new soon.

We do not plan to rent out the guest house. There’s lots of interest, but it just isn’t feasible.

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  1. Very cool , enjoy your updates

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  3. Grew up in hull so I am very familiar with this light house as is Boston light and the whole harbor islands . When I was a kid I would take my skiff out to the graves looking fir lobsters.It’s a wonderful thing your doing there restoring this beautiful lighthouse. Keep up the good work hopefully I’ll get to see it again as I live in New Jersey now and only visit Hull a few times a year . Last summer we did a tour of Boston light and did that bring back lots of memories . As a kid growing up I truly enjoyed being out in the harbor I spent a lot of time out there .

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